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The HTML Starter Template – A Basic HTML5 Boilerplate for the index

HTML Boilerplate Syntax DOCTYPE Since you here already, why don’t we learn something. HTML5 and CSS3 arrived in 2009/10,it would seem ages ago but all these technologies were mere tools waiting for a skilled developer to work dwell in. We since these markup languages have been around for a while don’t we check out a thing or two about them. Well lets get into it, shall we? We shall explain what each part is doing. We shall start from top and go down from there: – From this the browser tells what version of HTML is used.  – opening and closing html tags. All items on the page will be inside this tag – contains elements relevant to to the page like the title, meta, script, and style tags. – for the title of your website as you would like show up on the tab area of the browser. Very important for search engine optimization and all of your important keywords go inside this tag. – All the content like images, links, text, etc. go inside of the body tags So Html, Css with JavaScript take-up the front duties. Front-end development essentially focuses and works on the visual perceptions of a website. It’s about the look, load time, pattern and functionality of the components of a website. Front-End is a mix of programming and layout that powers the visuals and interactions on the web.

I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure. It is: Try to please everybody.
– Herbert Bayard Swope

Since most of us spend a considerable portion of our daily time on mobile apps and since they have a plethora of options for every app niche, knowing their specific needs, priorities, preferences, and expectations become very crucial for app marketers. This is why every app must conduct elaborate market research before starting with an app project. Even while the app is ready for launch, you need to make a launch plan based upon the most suitable channels and marketing message for your target audience.

Missing On A Pre-Launch Campaign

A vast majority of the app marketers mainly concentrate on the post-launch app marketing techniques and measures while completely missing on the pre-launch campaign. This prevents the app to create buzz and hype just around the time when the app is launched. As and when you launch the app, already a considerable number of people should expectantly look forward to your app and this requires long-drawn marketing efforts leading up to the app launch event. To create pre-launch buzz and hype about the app a mobile app development company has an array of marketing options like social media campaign, search engine ads, video ads, email campaigns, etc. Apart from online options, you can also reach out to the wider audience with traditional marketing options like outdoor ads, print ads, media ads, and promotional events.

Just as a retail business in real life is remembered not just for its product offerings but also because of its services, support, and customer-friendliness, an app that offers a helpful customer support system for its valued users enjoy more traction and engagement than other apps. Great brands all over the globe enjoy appreciation and popularity because of their customer-friendly support and services.



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