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October 12, 2019
Design / Ideas

How it Works


s human beings, we base our perception of the world on the rules developed by our own experiences. What we see, hear, and feel around us leaves a massive impact on us. VR designers use the basic rules of perception, and ideas of how we interact with the world to create environments that feel just as authentic as the world around us.

VR headsets are essentially just machines designed to mimic our surroundings with something created in software. There are gyroscopic sensors, accelerators, and magnetometers in headsets to determine how you move and track your interactions with a virtual space. The headset also connects to external cameras and computer systems to access software for your VR experience, or connect with additional programs.

“Am just figuring this one for myself, I shall let you know. Give it a go! May be you might get the answer before me”
– Simone Leadbetter

Process & Results

So, lets say your are on a trekking trip and you have been wanting new sneakers for days.Even after checking out a few options at a nearby store, you couldn’t make up your mind. From your trek you decide to try a pair of virtual reality glasses to surf the several sneaker stores.

The glasses let you explore the trek location while wearing the sneakers. You experience the comfort, robustness, and wearability of the gear in a practical scenario and end up buying them.